Message of Dean

"New Generation Engineering"

Our faculty, which was established in 2009 within the body of Marmara University, which is one of the long-established and reputable universities of our country, aims to train experienced and qualified Technical Teachers and Engineering lecturers in their own fields, with infrastructure and laboratory facilities based on modern technologies, with strong practical skills and strong knowledge and equipment. The development of the countries depends on the strong production with high added value, and the strong production depends on the qualified workforce. Our main goal is to contribute to high value-added production and the world of science and technology by training entrepreneurial, science and technology capable engineers that our country needs, innovative and especially "high in application". Our courses in our curriculum are formed as "Theory + Practice" for this purpose and almost every vocational course has practice or workshop. Faculty of Technology student resource; General High Schools, Industrial Vocational High Schools and Technical High Schools. In this sense, Faculties of Technology are the most important institutions that enable our students who graduated from Vocational and Technical Secondary Education Institutions, called MTOK, to transition to higher education. By competing among themselves, MTOK students can enter Technology Faculties within the special quota allocated for MTOK. Unlike other engineering faculties, our final year students spend a period of 14 weeks in industrial institutions and organizations under the name of "Workplace Training", "Workplace Practice" or "Long Term Internship". This application, also called 7 + 1, was first started in Technology Faculties in our country. Thanks to the Long-Term Internship practice, our students gain very important gains in getting into business life after their graduation, and they experience many problems such as finding a job and adapting to the workplace at the lowest level. Together with our academic staff and administrative staff, our faculty in the warmth of a family continues its educational activities with the understanding of "New Generation Engineering" instead of traditional type engineering with the features we have mentioned above, and it grows much more and turns into a stronger structure with you students who join us every year.

With these feelings and thoughts, I would like to welcome our newly joined students, wish our graduates happiness and success in their future lives, and state that we are always with them, that they do not forget us, and that our doors are always open.


Prof. Dr. Hasan ERDAL

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